It’s a common misconception

Many men believe, that pills for erection such as Viagra or Spedra are just for those types of old guys, who won’t otherwise get him up. And also, that these pills won’t actually cure the erectile dysfunction syndrome. Both of these are not true at all. You might have searched yourself but the most men who use these pills are in their 30’s and 40’s. This is the most „endangered“ species on the planet, since this generation suffered it all – chemicals in food, pesticides, wars, booming envirovement, wild 90’s and stuff like that. It’s not uncommon, for a man to take „the pill“ even before he hits 30 years since many just sit around all day, gaining weight and having bad habits.

There wouldn’t be enough profit otherwise

Because there is such a huge demand for anything that might help these guys regain their confidence in bed, there is also a huge pressure on manufacturers and companies to make even better and longer lasting drugs. And you can’t be surprised since many marriages and relationships were saved by these miraculous pills since erectile dysfunction ca be a huge deal breaker in bed and in love.